Final Essay Assignment

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This course explores literary history as a mode of inquiry, asking how authors and their creations have responded to predecessors, and how such responses have transformed literature in English over time. The course examines both how literary traditions have been constructed in the past and what conceptual tools we now have available for defining and describing literary traditions. The course includes material from before 1800 and after 1800, as well as material from at least two national literatures. The texts included span at least two centuries, with at least one portion of the course focused on poetry.

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“Dated” Adaptations of Beauty & the Beast

Pointing the way to a recent column in Jezebel comparing adaptations of “Beauty & the Beast” and particularly drawing attention to how we judge historically “progressive” revisions. Author touches on many points similar to to those in class discussion. I think both Armstrong and Watt might agree on a few points with the author, but otherwise come to very different conclusions, so this offers a (slightly) different opinion.

Nichols, Catherine. “The Problem of the Improper Princess.” Jezebel, 7 Jul. 2009. https://pictorial.jezebel.com/the-problem-of-the-improper-princess-1836498155

Grading Contracts and Extras

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Additional Resources

Below are some clips and posts that may interest you and which intersect with the readings we’ve been doing. Some are about the cultural context of these early works, others make connections between these contexts and our current moment.

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